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​When you hire a company to inspect your roof you are doing so because you either are unable to inspect it yourself or you don’t know what to inspect, or potentially a combination of both. If you have ever wondered what the roofers are looking for when completing an inspection here is a quick breakdown of what they do.
Missing or broken shingles
This one is pretty obvious and self explanatory: can you see any spots where shingles have blown away during storms or where they’ve started to crack or dry out from changes in temperature? This is a pretty basic check, but it’s still important, as it’s usually the most obvious sign that a part of the roof, or the whole roof, needs to be replaced.
Shingles that are curling, blistering or buckling
While it was just mentioned to look for broken or missing shingles they will also look for ones that are broken, yet. These shingles may be curling around the edges or have blisters on them. Blisters are usually filled with water so if you have any of these they can be dangerous in the sense that, if they burst, you might be faced with water leaking into your home. Curling shingles pose a similar risk: since they aren’t laying flat against the roof moisture can easily get in under the corners which means moisture damage to the roof structure or potentially the ceilings of the interior of the home.
Cracked or worn rubber around vents
The vents placed on the roof are important to ensure air flow of them home is up to code and the proper intake and output is set up, but whenever there’s a hole in the roof it can cause problems. The vents installed have to be sealed off so that air or moisture doesn’t leak in through them. When the rubber seal starts to crack or show obvious signs of wear then it’s time to fix it instead of waiting for it to wear down completely and compromise the material under the roof itself.
Grit in the eaves trough
Sometimes you might find the colored grit from the shingles is sliding off and ending up in the eaves trough. While this might just seem like an annoying thing to clean up it actually poses a bigger issues to your roof. The grit is on the shingles to act as a shield against the sun’s UV rays. If the grit is coming off then it might be time to replace your roof as protection against the elements is the main point of having a roof on your home in the first place.
The roofers will look for these things while completing a roof inspection. They will be able to determine if a portion of your roof, or the whole thing, needs to be replaced and provide you with regular maintenance information. It’s important to do regular roof checks to ensure small issues – should they arise – are taken care of before they become large issues that are much more expensive and timely to fix.