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Leaky Roof Repair

As a homeowner the last thing you want to see is water damage in the ceiling of a room, since you know that means you have a leak in your roof somewhere. Repairing a leaky roof, while it is something you might be able to tackle yourself, isn’t exactly like painting a room or changing a light bulb: it is a major home repair that, if done incorrectly, could have large impacts and be very costly.
Small leaks in a roof could potentially be something that you can fix yourself if you know how but that doesn’t mean you should. A roofing contractor has experience and knowledge about fixing leaks that you may not have. A small leak may in fact, just be a leak, but it might not: what if you remove the shingles only to find your roof structure is rotting or covered in mold? Do you know what to do?
To have an idea of what to expect you can and should, assess the situation yourself before calling in a roofing contractor. Roofers Richmond Hill provide professional and honest recommendations, but it is still really important that you at least have some idea as to what is going on. If your roof is inaccessible or you feel uncomfortable climbing onto your roof you can always asses the indoor damage or ask for photos to be taken by the roofing contractor so you have proof of what is being repaired.
Homes within the Greater Toronto Area vary in age, and as homes age or settle you may start to see small leaks. This could be from the foundation settling, in the case of a new built home, or it could be from the roof starting to fail due to its age.
What should you do if you find a leak?
You can temporarily stop the leak by replacing the caulking or a single shingle if it is damaged. However, this may or may not last for a long time. If you can stop the leak for now then you should, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call a roofing contractor. A professional roofing company, like Roofers Richmond Hill, will be able to provide an assessment to permanently fix the damage or replace the damaged portion of the roof as needed.
You might need to fix more than the roof
Sometimes a leak isn’t caused by old or missing shingles, it can be caused by cracks around roof vents, or missing bricks in chimneys. With this in mind, you should prepare yourself that you might need to fix more than a couple shingles, and you might even need to replace large sections of your roof. While this leak may come at an unexpected time it could end up being a large purchase. What’s more is that you need to make sure you do call us at 647-559-1617 because if you have a small issue now it needs to be fixed before it becomes a large issue.
Our staff will provide you with quick and professional leaky roof repairs, and they stand behind their work. With more than 20 years experience serving the Greater Toronto Area they know these communities and are proud to provide roof repair and maintenance to the homes here. 


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