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When you need a roof repair or replacement in Richmond Hill, you need to find a professional roofer fast! The protection of your home or commercial property is on the line when you are affected by a leaky or damaged roof. Our team at Roofers Richmond Hill know and understand the urgency associated with roof repairs and that is why we make it a point to react fast.

​No matter what situation resulted in you to needing a professional roofing company, we will quickly assess the damage and provide a free estimate. Perhaps you don’t have a dramatic roofing repair need and just need a roof for a new construction property. Our team has the qualifications and experience with all roof types!

​Our team of expert Richmond Hill roofers is ready for your call and able to provide the best roofing services in the area! We will gladly travel to the following areas in Ontario:

​If you are unsure if we service your area please give us a call today at 647-559-1617.

We Are Roofing Richmond Hill with Quality Service

At Roofers Richmond Hill, our quality of service is a top priority. We have spent years working and perfecting our roof repair and replacement techniques. 

​As a licensed and insured roofing contractor in the Richmond Hill area; we know what works and what does not work when it comes to residential or commercial roofs.  You are in good hands when choosing us as your roofing company!

Our customers mean a lot to us and is what drives us to pursue quality workmanship and integrity for all of our roofing services. As a result, we can offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.
If you are not happy, we are not happy!
The roofing services we provide to our Richmond Hill and surrounding neighbors include:​

Just give us a call and we will gladly come out and inspect your roof!

Roof Repair Richmond Hill

A roof leak repair is like an unwelcomed guest; you did not invite it, and you can’t wait until it is gone!
While it may be tempting to ignore a minor roof leak in an attempt to avoid an immediate cost, the damage may cost more to fix in the long run.

If not repaired quickly, your damaged roof may leave you with the burden of repairing or replacing building materials.

​Why is that? Well, simply put, moister and building materials are not friends. If your commercial or residential roof leaks into the insulation, you may be left with structural damage and unhealthy mold.

​That is why at Roofers Richmond Hill, we take our roof repair services seriously. No one enjoys paying to fix their roof, but it will be worth it!


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Slate Roof
Richmond Hill Roof
Richmond Hill Roof
Richmond Hill Roof
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A Professional Commercial Roofing Company

Professional rooferYour business is your pride and joy; unexpected roof repairs should not cause long term interruptions.

Roofers Richmond Hill, we offer premium commercial roofing services to all of our fellow business owners. As a local roofing contractor, we know the challenges associated with owning commercial property.

​Whether you are a property management company or the owner, our roofing services are right for you.

Keep your customers and guests safe by quickly addressing any commercial roof repair issues you have on your property.

We understand that time is money when you are a business owner. That is why we will quickly schedule a roof inspection, estimate and work so that you can get back to business!

Residential Roofing Services Near You

Owning residential property in Richmond Hill Ontario is a wonderful thing!  However, with the good also comes the responsibility to maintain your investment. Residential roofing services are essential in ensuring your home is protected for years to come! After all, your home is where memories are made, and love shared. Don’t let a roof leak or residential roof repairs get in the way.  When severe weather strikes and your home is compromised with roof damage, our roofers at Roofers Richmond Hill  are at your service.  We also specialize in weatherproofing your roof to ensure moister stays where it belongs, outside your home. Sometimes your home’s eaves trough or downspouts in your gutter systems spring a leak, and our team is here to repair it!  No residential roof service is too big or too small; we do it all!

Emergency Roof Repair

Disaster strikes when you least expect it, at Roofers Richmond Hill we act fast when you are in need of emergency roof repair.

From a tree falling on your home to harsh winds that have blown away shingles, the aftermath of a natural disaster can be overwhelming.
We have the local expert roofers that will get the job done right.

If you are faced with an emergency roof issue, it can be difficult to know whom to call. Our team is dedicated to serving the local community of Richmond Hill, and we have the reputation to back up our claims.

Be careful not to choose just any roof contractor for your emergency roof repairs, but select a company that is local and with quality reviews. All too often, customers are taken advantage of with poor quality roof repair in their most desperate time of need. Be smart and choose Roofers Richmond Hill, we won’t let you down!  We also provide free estimates!

We Are Local
Our head office is located in Richmond Hill, the nearest major intersection is Hwy 7 and Leslie St. We service all of the GTA our clients are primarily in Richmond Hill from the Bayview Glen area at Hwy 7 and Yonge St to Oak Ridges around Yonge St and King Rd.

13-280 West Beaver Creek Rd #114 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 0E7

Best Roof Types for Your Property

At Roofers Richmond Hill, we offer a wide variety of roofing options that are perfect for any property.
Here is a list of the most popular roof types we offer:

  • Asphalt Roofing – The most common type of roof and is used on residential homes is asphalt shingles.  Asphalt shingles boast in durability and affordability.
  • Slate or Ceramic Roofing – this type of roofing material is tile like with a natural stone look. It is a more expensive roofing option but offers benefits such as being fireproof and long lasting.
  • Metal Roofing – typically popular among commercial buildings, metal roof material can be used for residential as well. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and low maintenance.
  • Flat Roof – this type of roof can be for commercial or residential and can consist of different types of material. Tar and gravel are common among commercial flat roofs while residential flat roofs can be made out of typical asphalt shingles.

At Roofers Richmond Hill, we are here to help you with all of your roof repair and replacement needs! 

Call us today for a free estimate!