Summit Golf and Country Club

Summit Golf and Country Club

Welcome to the number one golfer’s club in Canada! This club is unique in that it boasts one of Canada’s most historic designs but the club is managed with an ambitious and forward thinking attitude towards the sport of golf. Here, at 11901 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill, golf is the center of everything and that is what makes it the best club in Canada. If you’re looking for a little more information on what this golf and country club can offer you, here’s some insider information. 


You probably guessed that you can golf at this course, but do you know what the course is like? This course is classically designed, and is one suitable for almost every level of golfer out there. If you’re worried that it might not be challenging enough don’t be! Even the best players out there will enjoy this course without finding it too easy, plus when walking this course you’ll enjoy the beautifully maintained greens and fantastic landscaping.
A History
This course has been around since May 1912, so it has a long history of being part of the community. There have been multiple PGA players golf on this course, and this course has previously been host to the Senior CGPA Championship. In 2017, the golf course finalized its renovations and it reopened for play. The newest updates ensures the course is up to date on the latest agronomic standards. These changes were overseen by golf architect Doug Carrick.
Join a Community
If you love golf, and want to join a community of people of love the game as much as you do then this is the place for you! Summit Golf and Country Club takes private golf and makes it affordable for those who just love to golf. This club is exclusive to its members, but inclusive for all those wanting to join. The common goal here is to ensure that those who love to play have the opportunity to do so on a course that is unique and beautiful, like nothing else you’ll find in Canada. The members of this course have formed a second family for many, so you’ll never feel like you don’t know other members.
While the competition is fierce here, the camaraderie is stronger than that. You’ll be among friends and family when joining this golf club. Summit is a player’s club, and that’s what they pride themselves on.
More than Golf
While golf is likely what you’ll come here for, the clubhouse and community here offers more than just golfing. If you need to host an event, like a wedding, the clubhouse is a fantastic place for an incredibly memorable event. The clubhouse sits on top of a beautiful hill, so you’ll have amazing views of the city but still feel like you’re anywhere but the middle of a big city. The food offered is second to none, the staff will make you and all your guests feel like royalty. They will create an event you’ll never forget!

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