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​When going through the process of replacing a roof you may just think you’ll have your old roof and then all of a sudden there’s a new one, but unless you have gone through this part of home ownership before you may not know exactly what to expect so here are a few things you can look forward to as part of the process of getting a new roof with Roofers Richmond Hill.

Planning & Preparation
Even though you are hiring a contracting company to complete the project there is still a huge amount of preparation and planning required on your part, as the homeowner. During this phase of the project you will select the material and colour of your new roof and the contractors will take appropriate measurements to provide you with accurate estimates. You will also determine your project start date and go over the contracts for this project to make sure you are on the same page as your contractor.

Out with the Old
Once you have confirmed with the roofing contractor and completed the work agreement, the contractor will remove the old roof and inspect what is left underneath. They will make sure there isn’t any damage and ensure that the structure of your roof is ok to proceed with a new roof being installed.

Replacing the Foundation and Installing the Shingles
Once the inspection has been completed then the contracting company will install new metal work, underlay materials and then put the new shingles on the roof. This portion of the project will be the bulk amount of time of the project. It will also be the one where the most amount of work is completed.

Pack it up, Pack it in
Once the new shingles are on your roof it looks like the project is done, but that isn’t quite the case: there is still a lot of clean up to be done. Your roofing contractor will need to clean up all the old material, any debris and waste generated during the project. Once the project is complete and everything is cleaned up, and you are satisfied with the outcome, then you will be able to go ahead and finalize the payments.

Experiencing the process of a new roof can be frustrating and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. If you can put the project into phases, and check off each one as it is completed, you will likely be able to look at the project in those phases and be able to move through the project with your contractor while keeping on top of what’s going on. Roofers Richmond Hill will install the new roof but they will also be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have during the whole process. Be sure to ask, just in case, in order to put your mind at ease that you’ve hired the right company.