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When having work done on your roof it is so easy to get wrapped up in all things roof related, but sometimes there are items of concern aside from the roof that you may want to address or consider before having work done on your roof. Here are five questions to ask before hiring a roofing company in Richmond Hill.

Question: What about my landscaping/gardening? How will it be protected?

Why You Should Ask: In order to fix or replace a roof equipment is needed. This equipment is large and heavy and if you don’t make it clear to the contracted company that your garden or other landscaping matters to you then they might not take the time to be careful about it. While they should, in theory, respect your home and your yard they might not think anything of driving a truck on the grass or dropping a large disposal bin on newly planted grass. They probably won’t do it on purpose, but if it matters to you then you should have a plan ahead of time.

Question: Do you bring a container for waste and debris?

Why You Should Ask: If you’re getting a new roof, it stands to reason the old one has to go somewhere. You want to make sure that the company you contract in is going to be responsible for taking the old material with them. You aren’t asking this because you want to pass the buck, so to speak, but more so because you don’t want them showing up on the first day asking you where the waste bin is and when it will arrive. Again, this is all about having a plan.

Question: What happens if the weather isn’t favourable?

Why You Should Ask: Replacing or fixing your roof is all outside work, and if the weather isn’t great – or even horrible – then it’s important to have a back up plan. You will also want them to answer this in the scenario that they start the project, have two or three days worth of work in before the weather turns sour. In this case the roof won’t be completely protected and you deserve to know how they’re going to handle this situation so that the inside of your home isn’t exposed to the elements.

Question: What is the cost per sheet of plywood should you have to replace any?

Why You Should Ask: If your roof has sheets of plywood under it then it’s a very real possibility some might need to be replaced due to moisture damage or cracking. If you have already signed a contract – without knowing this – there could be surprise costs. You want to know, should any plywood need to be replace, how much you’re paying per sheet. This also ensures the cost of material isn’t hyper inflated by your contractor.

Question: Will there be someone on site at all times that I can communicate to make decisions with?

Why You Should Ask: After the project starts there might be workers on site daily, but will there be anyone around with more experience who can make decisions should any issues or surprises arise? This isn’t to say you don’t trust the workers sent out, but you want to know that there is someone with experience to ensure the job runs smoothly.

Roofers Richmond Hill is happy to discuss these and any other questions you might have regarding your roofing project. This is a company that understands your concerns don’t just end at what colour the shingles will be; you want to make sure the project will run smoothly, your home won’t be damaged and you’ll have piece of mind with the company you hired. We are here to answer your questions, and work won’t start until you’re completely comfortable with everything that’s going on. This is an investment in your home, and we want you to make a great, long lasting investment.