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Roofers Richmond Hill - City of Richmond Hill

The city of Richmond Hill is one of the largest cities within the Greater Toronto Area. With a population of just over 180,000 it has seen a huge upsurge in its growth in recent years, quickly earning a title of one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. It also has an even distribution of employment between finance, business, healthcare and industry.  With major employers like Compaq Canada and Suzuki Canada it is not surprising that this city has grown as quickly as it has.
Richmond Hill is also one of the most multicultural cities of the GTA with a large amount of activities. There are 166 parks within the Richmond Hill Parks, Recreation and Culture department. Most of these parks are small and located within urban communities, but there is the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park which has several baseball diamonds, a couple skating rinks and a skateboard park. This park is open for anyone to enjoy and is central to the community.
If you prefer court sports, there are tennis courts planted throughout the city with two tennis facilities at David Hamilton Park and Crosby Park, which is also home base for the Richmond Hill Lawn Tennis Club. This club actually offers residents of Richmond Hill organized tennis activities such as competitive leagues, singles, doubles and social tennis. If you prefer golfing to tennis, or maybe even both, you will be happy to know this city is home to the Richmond Hill Country Club, Summit Golf & Country Club and the Bloomington Downs Golf Course.
Maybe swimming is more your thing? Well prepare to get your splash on in one of six public swimming pools within Richmond Hill, one of which is an extremely large indoor wave pool. This wave pool is family friendly and even includes a 160ft water slide.
During the summer when everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather the city has a series of concerts titled “Concerts in the Park” and each one has a specific theme to it. These concerts are very popular and are put on by Mill Pond and the Richmond Green.
There is a huge variety of sports clubs you can belong to, as well. Everything from canoeing and curling to gymnastics and ringette; they even have a baton twirling club. If you play it, they have a club for it.
The city of Richmond Hill is a very lively and thriving community. With so many cultures and a wide variety of employment sectors it is no wonder this is the fastest growing community in Canada. It’s close enough to the city of Toronto that you can enjoy the benefits of a metropolitan area but is its own unique and distinguishable community away from Toronto. It’s a great place to live, work and play. You’ll enjoy living in the beautiful community of Richmond Hill.