L'Amoreaux North Park Scarborough ON​​​​​​​

L'Amoreaux North Park Scarborough ON

L’Amoreaux North Park Scarborough Ontario is located just north of the City of Toronto. There are many picnic tables, charcoal bbq grills and 3 large fire pits. Picnics are popular in this park. You can also find a gazebo, a playground, a baseball diamond and a pond for swimming. In the summer, you can even enjoy a summer night by the fire!
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Developed along Finch Avenue west of Birchmount Road, the L’Amoreaux community was named after a family of United Empire Loyalists. These immigrants came to Canada after the American Revolution and settled in the Scarborough area. Families of Mason, Christie, Snider, and Morgan lived in the neighbourhood and named their streets after them. Today, the L’Amoreaux name lives on in the L’Amoreaux Park.

The Passmore Forest is a small wooded area with looping paths and great foliage. This area survived colonialism, which cleared the land for farming. The invasive species spread throughout the area and wiped out many native species. As a result, the park’s vegetation is mostly a remnant of the early 1860s. In 1965, the area was the second largest park in Scarborough, with nearly eight million trees and more than two miles of trails.

There’s an abundance of green space at L’Amoreaux North Park in Scarborough. This park includes sports fields, trails, and a kid’s water park. Hidden links to the past are found within the park. L’Amoreaux Pond is a focal point of the park. It’s a natural area often inhabited by Canada Geese.

The cemetery is located north of the L’Amoreaux Collegiate Institute. This high school was founded in 1850 and is part of the Scarborough Board of Education. Today, the school is part of the Toronto District School Board. The cemetery is located on the north end of the park, west of Kennedy Road and south of Finch Avenue. Located at the south-west corner of Warden Avenue and Finch, the cemetery contains the graves of more than 1,500 people.

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L’Amoreaux Collegiate is a public high school in Toronto, Ontario. Originally part of the Scarborough Board of Education, L’Amoreaux is now part of the Toronto District School Board. The school offers a strong French program and over three-quarters of students don’t speak English as a first language. Founded in 1868, the school has five faculties and five84 students. Principal Huw Chinnery and vice principals are responsible for guiding the school through a period of transition.