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There are so many options when it comes to the roof of your house: material, shape, installation and so on. Some houses have high peaks, while others have an entirely flat roof. Sometimes having a flat roof in Richmond Hill isn’t all that common but there are some major advantages to having a flat roof.
The expense
When compared to other kinds of roofs, flat ones are cheap. This doesn’t mean they aren’t as high quality, but they are financially easier on the homeowner. From the initial build to the installation to the materials needed to cover it, they are much more budget friendly than their high peak counter parts. This also makes upkeep and regular maintenance much more affordable, plus if you ever sell your home it could be a bonus feature for potential buyers that their long-term investment may not need to be so high.
It’s useable space
For homes where there’s a steep slope or where some parts of the roof are flat and others are slanted the space on the roof just isn’t useable space. Now, if your roof is flat that’s a completely different story. With a flat roof, you can move things, like an air conditioning unit, to the top of your house. This saves space in your yard if you’re already tight on space. What’s more is you could install solar panels and they will be less obvious from onlookers since they don’t see the top of your house with a flat roof. You could also have a roof top garden, if you wanted. The possibilities are truly endless and it’s entirely up to you how you want to use this new-found space.
There might be more inside space, too
Kind of going in theme with the previous advantage, houses with flat roofs often allow for a full-size attic since you aren’t limited by a sloping roof. This means you could have an office space, hidden from the rest of the house. If you have teenagers, you could give them their own private space. With a fully insulated attic the options are also endless and it allows for you to make better use of the interior space of your home.
While having a flat roof may not be the most common thing in the GTA it’s definitely a huge benefit to the family living with one. Your maintenance and long term expenses are much less than your traditional sloped neighbours; you have a lot more options when it comes to use of that exterior space and you might just find you are better able to use your inside space, too. Roofers Richmond Hill is experienced in providing repairs and scheduled maintenance for flat roofs in Richmond Hill with professional service, convenient appointment times and excellent communication ensuring you are informed as to every repair done and know about all maintenance that your roof needs.