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Having a flat roof is different than a sloped one in many ways, but in others it’s exactly the same. When it comes to maintenance and repair on the roof of your home, for most people, it doesn’t matter: it will be ignored until it’s a serious problem and requires immediate attention. There are some things you need to consider about your roof in order to make sure those small issues don’t turn into serious problems, potentially causing damage to the inside of your home.
A quarter of roofs have damage that can’t be seen from the ground
Yes – you read that right: 25% of all roofs, including flat ones, have damage you need to be on the roof to see. So what does that mean? You need to inspect your roof regularly, or have a professional roofing company come in and take a look. Roofers Richmond Hill will provide you with regular scheduled maintenance and inspections so you aren’t caught off guard with a serious problem.
It won’t last forever
No matter how great a material is – even on your flat roof – it isn’t going to last forever. At some point you will need to replace some or all of your roof. You can prepare for this, though, with yearly maintenance and knowing approximately when the roof was replaced last. When the roof is replaced you will also want to have the company replacing it check the vapor barrier installed under flat roofs; this will ensure nothing is leaking into your home. If the vapor barrier is compromised you might find mold or moisture issues in the upper levels of your home, or even water leaking through to the ceilings.
A flat roof might need some extra care
When winter hits and all that snow falls you might find your flat roof has a large build up of snow. Houses with slanted roofs don’t have this issue because gravity does all the work for them, but if you have a flat roof you need to be mindful of the extra weight put onto your home by the snowfall. If the season has seen an abnormal amount of snow you can arrange for a roofing company to come and remove the extra weight from your roof.  This can also apply to extra water after a heavy rain storm if it doesn’t drain through the eavestrough and down the drain spout properly.
Just because you don’t see your roof doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be problems with it at some point during the time you own your house. Having a home with a flat roof in Markham doesn’t mean you need a special roofing company just because it isn’t slanted; Roofers Richmond Hill has experience in a variety of roofing types and is prepared to handle your questions and concerns professionally. They will provide you with all your options, a best recommendation and will be able to help you address any issues before they become huge problems. Roofing repair can become pricey, but since it’s your home’s protection against the harsh elements it is incredibly important to ensure yours is always in great shape.