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​ Toronto roofs experience all four seasons, and sometimes winters are especially harsh. When you are preparing the other items in your life for the impending weather it is important to also consider your roof during this time. Winter can be really harsh on your home, but it can be a perfect opportunity for you to protect your roof and ensure it lasts for as long as possible.
Wondering why you should consider winterizing your roof? Wondering why it’s such a big deal? Well, while you get to stay inside during inclement weather your roof doesn’t get to come inside, so it needs to be protected during this time and, if protected, it will last for an incredibly long time. Here’s a few other reasons it is beneficial to winterize your roof.
Catch missing shingles
One shingle flying away or coming loose during harsh weather isn’t necessarily an issue, but when that one shingle turns into multiple shingles it might be a bigger problem. With this in mind when you winterize every year you can be made aware of any missing ones and they can be replaced before more are missing.
Find water damage
If left for too long, water damage can get out of control and become much bigger than ever thought. A thorough roof inspection in the spring and fall will provide you with an idea of any damage so you can appropriately treat it before it causes major problems. Even if there’s only one piece or section of the roof that needs to be replaced; that means the entire thing won’t need to be replaced and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.
Clean out the gutters
During the autumn trees lose all their leaves, and you might think you raked them all up during yard work that doesn’t mean you did. You cleaned up all those that you can see but not necessarily all of them. Some leaves will build up in gutters and that could mean damage to the inside of your home. When leaves build up in eavestroughs it is a prime location for water, but in the winter that means ice. And ice could get into your home if the build up means the water didn’t have anywhere else to go. With this in mind cleaning out the gutters before winter comes is best.
Take the time now, call Roofers Richmond Hill to come and winterize your roof. Doing this simple step could save you thousands of dollars in the future and potentially some major issues with your home. Having a Toronto roofing contractor come and inspect your roof, take care of any small issues and provide you with recommendations will give you comfort knowing small issues will not suddenly become big ones and you have taken all the steps you can to protect your home. Winter is rough on all of us, and homes are no exception. Take the time, make the call. You’ll be happy you did.