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Warranties are a big deal, and they become almost a necessity when you are purchasing a large investment for your home such as a roof. If you are purchasing a new roof almost all of them will come with a warranty but what that warranty covers won’t necessarily be the same. It is really important to figure out the details of the warranty so you aren’t making a huge purchase thinking you’re covered for an issue that you really aren’t.  Here’s what you should know about roofing warranties from Roofers Richmond Hill.
Workmanship vs. Manufacturer Warranties
You might have come across these terms in your roofing search but has anyone explained what they mean to you? If not, here’s what they mean for you. A workmanship warranty has to do with the company that installs your roof and it is meant to protect the customer against any installation defect or issues. The length of this warranty usually depends on the roof purchased and the company providing the installation.
A manufacturer’s warranty protects the consumer against defects in the actual materials used in the roof, and has little to do with installation of it. If any issues do come up that are covered under warranty it often only includes the materials and wouldn’t include any labour needed to fix or replace it. So it’s important to keep in mind if these kinds of warranties will interfere with each other and whether the installation company covers material expenses in their warranty or just the service.
Pro-rated Warranties
The majority of manufacturer’s standard warranties are actually pro-rated ones. What this means for you, as the consumer, is that should there be an issue with the product you will receive shingles proportional to the amount of time left on your warranty. What this means is that if you buy 100 bundles of shingles with a 30 year warranty, and then you have an issue 10 years into the warranty it means you have two thirds of the warranty time left. This means you would then receive only two thirds of those 100 bundles of shingles, or 67 bundles. This is really important to consider because it means you don’t have a full warranty for the entire warranty period and that could end up being costly to you as the homeowner.
Each manufacturer is going to have a unique warranty, and the process for warranties is going to be different. What is important is for you, as the consumer, to understand what each company offers so that you know what you are getting into before you make this purchase. If you have any questions – before committing – then give the company a call. Roofers Richmond Hill will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the installation of your roof, and often times how best to go about contacting the manufacturer of the roof should you have any questions or concerns about the roof itself.