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Having a flat roof comes with issues that sloped roofs don’t have. Having a flat roof will present you with challenges, and they are typically known to come with a lot of issues especially leaking, however any reliable flat roofing contractor, like Roofers Richmond Hill, will explain that issues tend to come from a bad installation over the type of roof you have. Here are some common questions that you might find yourself asking your flat roofing contractor, and you can use this to validate any explanation given.
Are flat roofs actually flat?
No roof is completely flat. When it’s installed there will be a slight slant to it to allow for rain or other water to drain away from the middle of the roof. They appear to be completely flat when compared to houses with a slanted roof.
Why are they so popular?
This kind of roof is very easy to build, but it also deceases the volume of your home which means they are much more economical when it comes to energy costs. They can also allow for the roof to be used for other things – like placing an air conditioning unit – if ground space is a premium on your property.
How long will the waterproofing measures last?
Typically the membrane – the material used under the shingles to make the roof waterproof – will last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, but it could be much less if the roof isn’t installed properly. This time frame is less than that of a slanted roof, so for homeowners with a flat roof it is important to factor in that you might need to replace the water barrier frequently.
What kind of maintenance should you be prepared for?
This kind of roof isn’t maintenance free by any means, in fact you might find there’s more maintenance. Flat roofs are much less forgiving than their slanted counterparts. The most common problems are the outlets for water becoming clogged, which leads to water just sitting on your roof, and debris build up since anything that flies onto the roof will just sit their without the help of gravity to pull it off. You can purchase guards which are meant to prevent the build up however depending on where you live – and the time of year – you might find there’s just too many leaves blowing around for the guards to help.
Gravity is a great help when it comes to making sure things don’t stay on your roof but flat roofs don’t have that benefit, so homeowners with a flat roof need to take extra precautions to make sure they are removing clutter, debris and leaves from their roof.
Flat roofing contractors are specialized, and you might find that they come at a specialized price. Roofers Richmond Hill has over 20 years experience in this community and will be able to provide excellent service in all kinds of roofs. This is a company that is proud to be part of this community and we are here to help with all of your questions, inquiries and projects.