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Knowing your home has a flat roof is almost just like knowing your car has an engine: all cars have them, but different kinds mean they require different kinds of repairs. The same is true about roofs, especially when you have a flat roof. There are four main kinds of flat roofs, and each has its benefits.
Built-Up Roof, or BUR
This is a very traditional type of flat roof. It’s constructed with three or more plies of waterproof material, alternating with a layer of hot tar followed by a final layer of river stone. Originally they were built with tar paper, however technology has advanced and modern homes with these kinds of roofs often have fiberglass waterproof membranes as the alternating material. One of the great things about this kind of roof is that it often looks really nice once finished, so if you have a multi-level flat roof in your home this might be a great option especially if there’s balconies or windows on upper levels that over look parts of the roof.
Modified Bitumen
This is a single-ply material rolled onto the roof, and is similar to an ice or water shield. Previously this kind of roof involved heating up the material so it would adhere to the top of your home, but this has advanced to a much safer peel and stick option in most cases. One of the biggest benefits to this kind of roof is that it usually comes in colours which are light in colour, so it reflects the heat and will, likely, allow you to see a significant cut in your energy bills.
Rubber Membrane
This material, known as EPDM, might remind you slightly of an inner tube used for going down waterslides but it is engineered in such a way that it will not be damaged by sun exposure over the years. This material is also fairly light weight, but even better is that it is also resistant to scuffs and tears. Further, should you experience a leak in the future, the leak will be easy to locate and patch up with this material
These two kinds of roofs go together in that they are both single-ply membrane style materials, and they require specialized expertise to install. To install these, the sheets will need to be heated so they soften and when soft they will be applied to the area. As they cool the sheets will harden and form a protective membrane which acts as the roof. Both will require a professional installation, and Roofers Richmond Hill will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with recommendations about this type of roof.
Having a flat roof in Scarborough does make your home stand out, but it’s also important to know what kind of roof you have as the repairs for each one are different. You will also be able to answer some preliminary questions when arranging for Roofers Richmond Hill to come out and inspect your roof.