My Favorite Ethnic Restaurants in Richmond Hill

My Favorite Ethnic Restaurants in Richmond Hill

As an Asian in a foreign land, I do sometimes miss the food from our country. Though I love pizza, pancakes with maple syrup, poutine, bacon, and all other Canadian food, sometimes my taste buds would still look for that distinct taste of Asian food. Thankfully, there are lots of ethnic restaurants within Richmond Hill where I can satisfy my cravings.
Here is the list of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Richmond Hill:

  1. Bueokae Korean Restaurant – Love’s Kitchen

One of the best Korean restaurants in town, Bueokae has gained the trust and hearts of many. This is my personal favorite because of their best-selling Gamjatang jeongol hot pot. It is a very tasty pork backbone soup with vegetables. Another favorite here is their Budae jeongol, which has ham, kimchi, sausage, cheese and assorted vegetables. They also serve Bulgogi, Chicken Katsu, Bibimbap, Spring rolls, Takoyaki, and a lot of other Korean and Asian foods.
Bueokae is located at 10737 Yonge St Unit 2 & 3 Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  1. Jim Chai Kee

Known for their affordable and tasty Chinese foods, Jim Chai Kee is also one of my favorites. The service is good and fast, which is loved by their busy and hungry customers. Their best-seller here is their Shrimp Wonton. Everyone loves it because they didn’t skimp on the shrimp as each ball is full-packed of big and tasty ones. Their noodles are also perfectly cooked – chewy but not too soft, and has a great quantity for each serving. Jim Chai Kee also serves egg noodle soup, fish vermicelli soup, fish balls, rice noodles, lo mein, and other Chinese foods. Their chili oil is also worth mentioning, and they even sell it so you can have one at home.
Jim Chai Kee is located at 270 West Beaver Creek Road Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  1. Project: Fish – Sushi & Kitchen

If you are in search of authentic Japanese Sushi, the best place to be is Project: Fish. Popular for their authentic Japanese style of sushi, their Aburi sushi is also great (flame-seared).  This place received a lot of great feedback, which made me curious to give it a try. And it did not disappoint at all! From the interior to food and service, everything is great. Aside from sushi, they also serve chirashi tart, oshi, ebi fritter, shrimp tempura, fresh uni nigiri, scallop nigiri, and a lot more of Japanese food and sushi.    
Project Fish is located at 9580 Yonge Street Unit 101 Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  1. The One Fusion Cuisine

This place is frequented not only by Chinese people who wanted a taste of food from their homeland, but also by many other people from different nationalities. The unique taste of Chinese food here is loved by everyone. I personally love their beef short ribs, which is very tasty and tender. Many people order the Prosperous Bird Cage, as they were curious with its name. It is indeed served in a cage-like, double-layered platter. The “cage” is full of their best-sellers, making it a popular choice by many customers. They also serve har gow, fried dough rice rolls, siu mai, fried pork dumplings, spareribs with black beans, char siu, bean curd rolls, and molton salted yolk bun.
The One Fusion Cuisine is located at 9019 Bayview Avenue, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

  1. Little Saigon

Little Saigon is a must-visit place for authentic Vietnamese food. Most of its regulars love their lemongrass beef vermicelli, which is also my favorite. I always pair it with their crispy fried spring rolls and durian shake. The lines may be long at times, but the wait definitely worth it. They are also known for rich and flavorful beef pho in hefty portion size. They also serve shrimp rolls, vegetarian pho, fresh summer rolls, and a lot more.
Little Saigon is located at 9625 Yonge Street Unit J Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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