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Roofers Richmond Hill - City of Aurora

Aurora is a small town which is just north of Richmond Hill in the Southern Ontario Golden Horseshoe. In 2016 it was ranked as the 95th largest city in Canada, however for many years it has consistently been placed among the top 10 wealthiest cities in Canada.
While there are several notable people with roots in Aurora, perhaps none is more notable than Lester B. Pearson who was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 – 1968. This town is known for preserving its historical heritage and was awarded The Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Leadership in 2008. It also completely renovated the Aurora Cultural Center, which reopened in 2010.
It does have a much smaller population than some its GTA counterparts with approximately 55,000 residents however the average household income of this town is just over $150,000 which gives credit to Aurora being one of Canada’s most affluent towns. The majority of residents do commute to surrounding cities, or even Toronto for work, but since Aurora borders so closely to Newmarket a lot of residents find employment in the major companies that are located there.
With Aurora, though, there are many schools both public and Catholic with a lot of facilities for children and families. There is a large public library located on Yonge and Church Street for everyone to enjoy, as well. The town of Aurora is very active, and there’s a huge focus on health and fitness within the community there’s a long list of activities to partake in. There are programs geared towards adult, children and even older adults so that everyone can find something they’re interested in with groups of people they can socialize with. Aurora also has arenas, pools and several parks for you and your family to enjoy almost any time of the year.
Every year, around the end of April, the town hosts an Eco Festival. The focus of this festival is to provide information to residents on how the town can reduce its carbon footprint and live a balanced lifestyle with the environment in mind. During this festival, there’s an electric car that valid drivers can take for a test drive or you can bring the family to try out a free yoga class. Aurora is a very inclusive community, and the residents are absolutely committed to living a balance and healthy lifestyle.
If the Eco Festival isn’t quite your thing, that’s ok too. Aurora has its very own cultural center, farmers market, historical society, sports hall of fame, a winter blues festival, and a theatrical production company. There really is something for everyone here, and since it’s so close to many surrounding GTA communities it’s a great place to call home while being able to enjoy all that the GTA has to offer.